Vancouver, Canada


19th September, 2015


Introducing New Cybot 330 PRO Multi-Material 32 Bit 3D Printer


Cybot 330 PRO Multi-Material 3D Printer opens up virtually unlimited opportunities for closely emulating the look, feel, and mechanical functions of end-used products as fine details as entry level SLS 3D Printer.


The printer’s build volume is also one of the largest among other large-size professional desktop 3D printers in its class such as the CubePro, Airwolf, Ultimaker 2 Extended, Makerbot Z18, and Withbox.


Cybot 3D Printer offers smarter ways to print remotely from anywhere and is also one of the first models to have built-in Gcode Slicing feature in the market.  Empowered by unique cloud-technology that allows user remotely manipulating 3D files from smartphone with 3DPrintCloud tool and convert to Gcode instantly.


Many anticipated features of professional 3D printers also come standard such as Auto Leveling, Heated Bed, Dual Extrusions Upgrade, Touch Controller, All Metal Hotend, Wifi Connectivity, OctoPrint, 3D Scanning Module, Cloud Printing, Moisture-proof Filament Storage, and compatibility with External Toolhead or E3D Hotends. Highly modular design for industrial application brings productivity upgrading options such as LSBP (Large Scale Batch Printing) ability to print multiple objects simultaneously or automatic print removable lines with conveyor table. Large Scale Batch Printing ( LSBP ) upgrades for printing  simultaneously parts at the same time will be released in Q4  include Triple J Head Hotend Extrusions.


Speed and precision are where delta robotic technology dominated not only in 3D printing industry but also in industrial application, but not without utilizing a powerful 32 Bit processor that enables the mechanical setup to run smoother and faster than 8 Bit architecture machines. In order to archive speeds of 400 mm/s while maintaining the geometry of the 3D object, the machine use high quality sliding system and all metal rigid chassis to dampen shock. The main chassis of the machine is a lot stiffer than most other desktop 3D printers with the use of industrial quality 304 stainless steel and aluminum extrusion to withstand vibration and extreme heat condition. Mechanical speed limit of the machine is rated up to 3000 mm/s thanks to the design that focus heavily on performance and reliability of components, which means current limit is the software and extrusion technology that is actively being developed and can be upgraded easily in the future.


Cybot 3D was found and envisioned by Cybot Automation Inc , Canada with vast experience in consulting automation technology and manufacturing digital fabrication tools for world-wide clients in Canada ,US, and Asia. Cybot3D brand is expanding research and software developing facility in Asia and Europe to expand with the fast growing industrial 3D printing industry.






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