WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd Announces the Launch of its New You 7-Day Detox Programme


17th February 2014, (UK)



New online business makes eating healthy easy, convenient and affordable by offering nutrient-dense, ready-to-eat whole food 7-Day Detox Programme, meals and snacks.


WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd – a company dedicated to “Improving The Health and Vitality of the UK Population” through a diet of pure, whole food – announced today that they have released their brand-new product, The New You 7-Day Detox Programme.























The 7-Day Detox includes 6 of the company’s most nutritious and detoxifying health foods, conveniently pre-packaged in handy resealable pouches, making them the ideal choice for parents with children, busy professionals on-the-go, and those looking to lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle and get back in tip-top shape.


“We’re incredibly passionate about Improving the Health and Vitality of Everyone in the UK, who right now are sadly being fed a toxic diet foisted upon them by food manufacturers who appear to be more interested in profits than the nation’s health", said Tony Anderson, the founder and CEO of WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd.


“Our New You 7-Day Detox Programme allows health conscious individuals to flush their systems of a range of dangerous toxins found in today’s heavily processed and industrially engineered foods, and kick-start the new year feeling happy, healthy and energised”.


For more information about WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd’s New You 7-Day Detox Programme, take time out to visit and review a very informative website at


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About WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd


WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd is committed to providing 100% natural whole foods, entirely free of additives, preservatives and other toxic ingredients. WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd’s range of health foods are handcrafted with passion, nutrient-dense, and conveniently pre-packaged in handy resealable pouches ideal for quick meals and on-the-go snacking. WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd is based in London, England.


Media Contact: Tony Anderson  

Founder & CEO of

WholeFood Farmacy (UK) Ltd

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