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25 Erotic Chapters about Satisfying Sex and Mutuality


-A Woman's Pleasure- is the steamy story of 25 men, and how they use romance, care, and mutual attention in achieving complete sexual satisfaction – for both themselves and their partners.





























J.F. Kelly (pen name of Warren Shepell), author of ‘A Woman’s Pleasure’, isn’t interested in writing a book that requires fetishes, kinkiness and dominance to stir his audience – he’s out to capture the intimacies and intensity of true love-making; passions rarely shared on the pages of most books that aim to hit the mark on their reader’s erotic fantasies. Indeed, most books attempt to deliver purely physical, sometimes extreme sexual fantasies with the barest, slightest shade of romance – often creating nothing but plain porn.


J.F. Kelly’s work, however, isn’t like most books.

The book focuses on the adventures of 25 different men, and their various sexual encounters – at times, the book promises to leave you breathless, at other times, it ensures you you’ll be left with a throbbing heart and yearning for more.


Each chapter is devoted to a different man – and with each chapter, author J.F. Kelly accentuates the book’s purpose as a collection of sensual experiences meant to enlighten readers on the possibilities and the erotic joy of sexual equality, in and outside the bedroom. He strips off the abuse and nature of books like 50 Shades of Grey, instead insisting on giving readers an insight into mutual fulfillment through attentive intimacy, understanding and romance – keeping things incredibly hot without having to resort to extremes with a myriad of tales that depict skills lost to most men.


In a statement on his website, author J.F. Kelly notes various reasons for his choice of portrayal, as he explains why his book approaches sex in such a normative, yet rarely seen way for literature. He says he created it as: “A vibrant counterpoint to pornography and sex on the internet that treats sex as only a physical act and portrays many things done to women that women don't enjoy. Pornography and sex on the internet become an educational tool for most men. In contrast, this book teaches men about satisfying sex and what women really want in expressing and experiencing their sexuality.”


In critique of the book, professional book reviewer Paige Van De Winkle notes that “in the wake of erotic novels like Fifty Shades of Grey that, according to some, depict unconventional sex as exploitative—with one partner dominating over the other without a discussion of limits, respect, or safe words—A Woman’s Pleasure refreshingly focuses on the aspects of … sex that books like Fifty Shades ignore.”


‘A Woman’s Pleasure’, now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats starting at $9.99, is already raking in ecstatic reviews by both men and women.


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Warren Shepell (pen name J.F. Kelly) is an author and pioneer in Employee Assistance Programs. After running his own company of 460 full time employees and more than three times that in part time employees, he sold it off and, with his experience in counseling and clinical psychology, is working on bringing his own vision to his readership in the form of erotic literature, advocating gender equality in society – and of course, in the bedroom.


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