16th December, 2014


London, UK, the New Online Store with Original Gifts Wrapped in Old Fashioned Packaging


There are so many online gift stores where you can buy gifts, but if you are looking for an original place with a genuine attention to detail, you should visit:



The online store was recently launched in December 2014 and they are already growing an increasing number of fans.  


Right now clients can find gifts under categories such us Kids&Babies and Home&Garden. In the future they will expand the range of gifts opening new categories but always keeping the original concept of offering original gifts, affordable for every pocket.


Behind this project is a passionate entrepreneur from Newcastle (UK), Jill Nilsen, revealed to us how it all started:

“The idea for AmazeDays had been brewing for a while as I have always loved buying gifts for people, trying to make them as original as possible. My trick was to always listen carefully to what people were saying for weeks before their birthday for example to try and pick up on clues as to what they would like.


I decided that as thinking of gift ideas was something I enjoyed, I would open an online store selling products which I love and hopefully you do to.


To me the experience of receiving a gift begins with the packaging which is why we decided that all our products would come wrapped in brown paper packaging and tied up with string ... As Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music ... "just a few of our favourite things"












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