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Second Week on Amazon Kindle Best Seller List for South Dakota Psychiatrist Thriller Author


Dr. Francis Bandettini, a psychiatrist practicing in Sioux Falls and Baltic, South Dakota enters his second week as an Amazon Kindle medical thriller best-selling author. Thousands downloaded his book, American Jackal, on during its first week of availability.




















































“We’re ecstatic with the interest readers have shown in South Dakota, the United States and beyond,” Dr. Bandettini said. “We wanted to write a story that puts us on the map as thriller novelists, while also framing it in the world of psychiatry and state of South Dakota.”


American Jackal features the fictional protagonist, Troy Stoker, M.D., who practices psychiatry in the backdrop of the Sioux Falls community. One of his high-profile patients stumbles into a fictional underworld of crime and government corruption. Instead of turning to the police, she first enlists the help of her psychiatrist. Dr. Stoker proactively supports his patient by investigating and confronting the tide of wrongdoing that threatens to engulf the city he calls home. In a single night, however, the investigation turns into a hunt; and the remainder of the storyline tests Dr. Stoker’s mettle as a psychiatrist and forges his heroic nature. While the majority of the book occurs in Sioux Falls, there are chapters set in other South Dakota locales. But the storyline also crisscrosses the country and takes readers to other states to uncover clues and explore the mystery.


“Readers are curious about psychiatry,” co-author Matt Nilsen says. “Besides the fact that the book is a thriller novel where the admirable take on the immoral, people want to learn more about what happens in a psychiatrist’s office. The therapy setting is intense in reality. In fiction, therapy is a natural backdrop to build suspense and play out conflicts.”

The authors and publisher elected to publish the book directly to the digital download format, Amazon Kindle. While they plan to release the book in hardbound and softcover editions, the digital format made sense for these first-time authors. Bandettini and Nilsen wanted to publish their book quickly instead of searching for months or years for a major publishing company. Avid readers also appreciate digital books because they tend to cost less than print novels.


The current introductory price of American Jackal is 99 cents. Many up-and-coming authors price their books aggressively. Reaching and entertaining their audience is often a higher priority than higher profits for early career writers. In Bandettini’s case, he will continue to practice psychiatry, while co-author Matt Nilsen will keep his marketing job into the foreseeable future.

“We live in an amazing day and age,” Bandettini says. “You can download classical books, or new books like this one, for a fraction of the cost of a printed edition—and you get it instantly. You get the satisfaction of excellent mind-stimulating entertainment at your fingertips. As authors, we get the thrill of knowing that somewhere out there, somebody’s spine is tingling at this moment because of a creative plot that sprang from our minds.”


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About Naoband, LLC


Naoband, LLC is the publishing company for the Troy Stoker, M.D. psychiatry thriller series. Francis Bandettini, D.O. (psychiatrist) is co-author of American Jackal. He also works as a private practice psychiatrist with offices in Baltic and Sioux Falls. He graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in molecular biology. He earned his medical degree at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Bandettini completed his psychiatry residency at the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, where he subsequently joined the faculty as an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry. He is a retired Captain from the United States Army and South Dakota National Guard. He lives with his wife near Sioux Falls. Matt Nilsen is co-author of American Jackal. He lives in Salt Lake City with his family. His previous employers include the 3M Company, Intermountain Healthcare and the St. Barnabas Healthcare System. He completed an undergraduate degree in marketing at the University of Utah, and earned a Master of Health Administration degree from the Medical College of Virginia (now Virginia Commonwealth University).


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