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New travel scale & packing tips for the suitcase savvy.


Decreasing baggage allowances and penalty charges for exceeding them are hardly a match made in heaven when packing for that two week break in the sun.


There’s a new product available which the manufacturer hopes will make these holiday complications a thing of the past.


The Baggage Scale is the result of a four year design process resulting in a completely different concept in travel scale design. Stylish and extremely accurate whilst also being kind to backs and fingers, used correctly, it should mean you can jet off knowing that booking with a budget airline, doesn’t necessarily have to mean the baggage blues.

No luggage scale can magically decrease the weight of your case though, so here are few hints and tips to help lower the weight reading:


1.  Know your airline’s policy

Before you travel look up the airline policy relating to your ticket. Most airlines have full details of baggage weight restrictions on their websites.


2.  Expect a fairly standardized baggage limitation policy

Most airlines charge for overweight luggage and for extra baggage hold items than those included on your ticket. Be vigilant, and use a method of gauging your luggage weight up to the point of checking in.


Ensure that your cabin luggage meets the weight and size restrictions in place for your chosen airline. Some airlines will charge you twice in the event that your cabin bag is both too heavy and too large.


3.  Match your luggage choice to your trip duration

In the event of a short trip, pack a cabin bag and avoid checking larger baggage items into the hold. This will reduce the risk of being caught out on your outward and return journey.


4.  Stay smart and light

Try to only pack what you need for the duration of your trip. Think about what you intend to be doing while away and pack accordingly.

Enquire whether there are laundry services at your destination.

Substitute heavier items for equally effective lighter ones. Rather than taking heavy books buy an e-reader.


It’s very common to over pack, however this can be overcome by using a smart packing routine.


5.  Use a portable Baggage Scale

This small item can allow you to travel safe in the knowledge that you’ll avoid excess baggage charges.


Using one of these devices also works as a defence against poorly calibrated airline check-in scales. In the event that there is a discrepancy between readings, remain calm and polite while offering your alternative reading. Our experience is that often airline staff will take this into account.


The Baggage Scale is available direct from the official website and is £12.99 or $22.00


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The Baggage Scale is:

·  A totally different concept in travel scale design as unlike all digital scales, the scale drum revolves.

·  The most stylish, lightweight, compact and environmentally friendly non digital scale available with ‘no dangling bits’ – all other scales have a swinging metal hook or dangling strap for connecting to luggage.

·  Kind to your back and fingers, and weighing just 106 grams, it fits in the palm of your hand with no sharp, metal hooks

·  Easy to read with a  magnifying viewer, it gives an instant readout and can weigh luggage up to 32kg/70lbs

·  Much more accurate than cheap dial scales and more cost effective than expensive digital scales

·  Environmentally friendly with no electronic waste - it doesn’t require batteries or a printed circuit board meaning it’ll never go flat







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