17th October 2013


 is a comprehensive website which gives people information about vacuum cleaners in detail. Be it a new vacuum cleaner or its spare parts, this website will give you all the resource and the information that goes with it.


New York (October 17, 2013) --- Since the vacuum cleaner was invented in 1860s and its electrical versions in the 20th century, it has undergone a lot of changes. Today there are models of vacuum cleaners which are short, light bagless and portable while there are traditional vacuum cleaners which are heavy duty, solid and pack a punch in cleaning. However both are used and needed today. With the increase in pollution and toxic gases, the kind of dirt that gathers in the living spaces is dangerous. And the only safe way to get rid of it is by using a vacuum cleaner. To choose a suitable vacuum cleaner is therefore very important.


Leon Bushell is the creator of a practical online resource about Bagless Vacuum Cleaners on his website He has worked in the industry for fifteen years now and knows the ins and outs of the product. The variety of vacuum cleaners reviewed on his website is amazing. He helps people choose the vacuum cleaner that best fits their needs.


His Website features:-


·Reviews on bagless vacuum cleaners in the market

·Helpful tips on using vacuum cleaners effectively

·Information and resources about bagless vacuum cleaners

·Product reviews on other vacuum cleaners and spare parts

The website reviews vacuum cleaner products and then gives its opinion on the product. It covers the price range, the quality, the material used in the product as well as its usability and durability. The website reviews the spare parts used in the vacuum cleaner like bags, nozzles and add-ons as well. It makes sure that only quality products are recommended.


“I wanted to know what would be the benefits of choosing a bagless vacuum cleaner and I was amazed at the clear and concise way the website had noted down the pros and cons in its review. It helped me a lot in making my decision!!” Dolly Karl, CA is a review site that tests the products they review and writes articles accordingly. They do extensive research on these products thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. They are independently owned and the opinions expressed are their own. It is a one stop shop to know anything and everything that there is about vacuum cleaners.


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