Alaska, USA


13th September, 2015



TALKING BEER IS BORN. Yes, it can also sing...


“Saving the planet, one beer at a time. BeerPouch”


Ultra-green flexible packaging company has joined forces with to create the worlds first talking beer.


With their new development, video, voice, text, and more can all be accessed instantly, directly from your beer.


With one wave of your smartphone over the top of their revolutionary ultra-green flexible BeerPouch containers, and the NFC microchip embedded in the laminate communicates with your smartphone. No app is needed, the talking begins as soon as the smartphone has a few inches of proximity to the BeerPouch.


The AIC Award winning package is the only patented flexible container for carbonated beverages, and the first talking beer.


Whatever you can see or hear on the internet can be triggered by waving your smartphone over the container. For example, if you waved your phone over your favorite Irish Stout, it might sing you “Oh Danny Boy” while you drink your beer.


“Today's brands have more to tell their consumer than they can possibly fit on the label” notes Kevin Tubbs, President of Best Practices Packaging, the parent company. “This is the container that talks back. Dosage information, warnings, instructions, promotional information, music, sweepstakes entries, product authentication, and many other features can be integrated by the brand”


Certainly, brands will enjoy a world of product differentiation, provide links to virtually limitless information, drive traffic to their shopping carts. Amazingly, this all happens after the sale.


Best Practices Packaging specializes in ultra green containers with a far lower carbon footprint than a bottle or can. They also feature the ASTM certified child resistant packaging commonly required in medicinal applications. This is a full line flexible packaging company taking clients from consultation through cashflow. Proudly aligned with the Ready2drinq family, the company is capable of copacking and private labeling slightly over 1 billion units per year distributing from their bonded warehouse in Sarasota, Florida.


For information about the Talking BeerPouch, and the new development in talking packaging, contact Kevin Tubbs, President. 907-441-3333


Media contact: L.Tubbs 907-441-3333


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