1st May, 2014 (USA)


Young, Inventive Philanthropist Launches Campaign to Aid Orphanages and Found NGO.



Hailing from Spearfish, South Dakota, industrious, 20-year-old Amanda Froelich is on a mission to help communities in need, beginning with Nourishing Roots, a unique Indiegogo campaign to aid orphanages in Africa, India and Indonesia while also  creating foundation for a future NGO to be formed.


Froelich has charted a course to travel and live for 18 months on a meager $7,000 budget while using additional funds to provide struggling, rural communities with better access to clean water, food and educational resources. This cross-continental undertaking isn’t just about improving food security though.  


Froelich plans to provide primary preventative health care by promoting more nourishing food choices likely to boost immunity and reduce the prevalence of dangerous degenerative diseases.  


She will also be taking time to learn about each community’s challenges, goals and cultural perspectives. Funds and resources gained through the Nourishing Roots campaign will be used to work with local volunteers, staff and orphans to optimize the affordability, accessibility and quality of food available.  It will also be a priority for the entrepreneur to form relations with businesses and innovative individuals to best plan for the NGO, as well as be afforded the opportunity to publish works that will benefit this cause.


About Amanda Froelich  


Froelich is a registered holistic nutritionist, detoxification specialist, live food chef, ACE- certified personal trainer and Reiki practitioner. After adopting a plant-based, whole-foods diet at age 16, Froelich experienced relief from obesity, fatigue, cystic acne and emotional distress. She has since been sharing her insights concerning nutrition and comprehensive health.  



To learn more about this IndieGoGo campaign, please contact:  


Amanda Froelich, Head of Nourishing Roots Office: (605) 641-3776 [email protected]






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