19th October, 2014




Butterfly Taxidermist Adds New Insect Taxidermy to Stock


Collecting and displaying butterflies and insects has become more exciting. This is as insect taxidermist, BugsDirect, has added a stunning new insect taxidermy to their stock.
































































Collection of Mounted Tropical Insects , Sagra Beetles of Indonesia.



BugsDirect is the UK's largest supplier of entomological specimens, suitable for collections photography, crafters, interior designers, hobbyists and more. The supplier stocks specimens such as dried butterflies and moths, beetles, arachnids, mantids, and phasmids.  


The company also provides a range of frames in complementary colours to improve the attractiveness of displays. Interior designers and homemakers will especially find the company's double-see-through glass frames which gives the illusion that the specimen is suspended in mid air.


BugsDirect is committed to ethical sourcing of their specimens. When asked how this is achieved managing director of the company, Sam Wilson, said: "Customers rightly expect us to behave responsibly in what is a sensitive area for most. For example, our wide range of butterfly framed products is only possible because this helps support the farmers in countries from Malaysia to Madagascar to invest in their environment, rather than simply to harvest it”


The insect taxidermist offers peace of mind to shoppers with free insured shipping of purchases anywhere in the world. For further information or to browse new and existing collections visit





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