25th April, 2014 (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea )


Call Reminder App for iPhones ‘Calls To Make’ - Updated and More Features


A new app that can change the way people make calls, send emails and SMS, and manage their call schedule appointments and reminders, ‘Calls to Make’, is now available in Apps Store and is free-to-download.



“What is interesting about this app ‘Calls to Make’ is its simplicity and ease-of-use, yet very functional to anyone’s everyday grind and business,” said the app owner, JC Ibay. It helps you manage your phone call activities and schedules.

The app simply reminds you with an alert tone, and an alert screen that tells you everything about that call appointment, and with a simple tap or two, you will be able to complete your chosen action to the reminder.


“If you are in the middle of something, unable to respond to a 'call alert' to make the call, you have the options to Snooze, SMooze (send SMS + Snooze), Reschedule or Dismiss the reminder, simply with a tap or two. Easy,” added JC Ibay.


Among some of the other neat features of the app, include its unique three-time schedule per call item, complete call item details, e.g. on the alert screen, the Notes for the call item will be displayed, telling the user what the 'call' to be made is all about. Notes also serves as the default Email and SMS message.


“This easy to manage app, also comes with the ability to move call items from the Active list to the Archives and vice versa, plus classifying calls as Business or Personal,” noted the spokesperson, who added that ‘In-App Purchase’ will further enable users to have unlimited number of call items in the Active List.


According to JC Ibay, this app complements user's existing To-Do or other scheduler apps, by taking these specific tasks from their list and be managed by ‘Calls to Make’ - which has complete features focused on organizing your call appointments.


“Recent update allows users not only to make the Call, but they can also choose to send Email, SMS, or have Facetime session with their contacts, by a simple tap or two… no more digging into your contact list,” said the spokesperson.


“When receiving call reminders, you will get alerted by an alert tone, with a screen that gives you the options to make the Call, send an Email or SMS, or have a Facetime session,” the source added.


Designed to remind users who to call and when, this call reminder app features a simple, easy-to-use, neat interface that helps people manage their scheduled calls.


Currently, the app is only for iPhone users and is ideally suitable for everyone, particularly those people who are in sales, business, and people who are always on-the-go. The app can also be used for getting reminded for sending Email via their iPads.


“People tend to forget to make their important calls due to being too busy. Business calls, timely calls make or break a business deals, personal relationships are strained due to missed calls, on-time special event greetings, and these are situations we aim to help users avoid,” said JC Ibay in reference to the simplest and call-activity-focused app available to users.


The app “Calls to Make”, designed and conceptualized by JC Ibay, a Filipino OFW based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.


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