Creative Video Introduces Customized Claymation Service 



20th January 2014, (Germany)




The company now offers a customized claymation video creation service, developing concepts and characters, producing videos in a fully equipped studio, and providing claymations for gifts, commercials, and more.


December 9, 2013 – A customized claymation video service is now provided by Creative Video, a company specializing in concept development, character, creation, and video production. Claymations are created based on customer requirements. The company’s claymation team then produces humorous marketing videos to creatively represent brands and promote services. It also creates videos as gifts, but the team has accomplished major productions for international brands and broadcasters.


In fact, Creative Video has gained recognition in many markets. One of its clips was awarded by an Austrian science association and recognized with other design and communications prizes. The videos are so eye-catching that they’ve been proven to improve website Google rankings, go viral on social media, impress prospects, and match all requirements for uniqueness.


Also, the company produced a video intro for a nationwide FM radio show. Its accomplishments ensure that customized projects will meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike. The custom gift creation service is one of the organization’s highlights, as it can develop characters and stories based on personal images. Visitors can contact the company via web form to describe what they want.


Sample videos are available online. Once viewers get an idea of what the company can do, they can send their own images and videos for Creative Video to base their unique claymations on. Sketches from professional illustrators provide a storyboard, showing exactly what the clip will look like before it is produced. Also, voiceovers by real actors are provided in the desired language and accent. Post production services such as 3D and 2D animations, explainer videos, and white board animations are provided as well.


All projects are completed within the specified time frame. To learn more about the company and it's services, email [email protected] or visit the website at




About Creative Video


Creative Video is a production company specializing in customized claymation videos. Productions are made based on customer requirements, and the company develops the concept and characters. Videos are produced in a fully equipped studio. The award-winning business can represent product brands and services and create custom video gifts based on the client’s stories, images, and videos for any occasion. ,




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