13th December, 2014


Delaware, USA


Kick start a Revolutionary Keg Party Anywhere you Want


If you like a cold and fresh draft beer, you will love Das Kuhling. Make a dream come true on Kickstarter.


The Germans have a knack for cold beer and flawless engineering. Now, guess what happens if the Krauts combine their favorite pastime with their ingenious method of building machines. They invent: Das Kuhling.


Das Kuhling is a mobile beer pump that gets your keg party started anywhere you are. Sure, there are other systems on the market, like the kegerator, but most of them are bulky and too inconvenient for, let’s say, a spontaneous barbeque.


Das Kuhling, however, was designed with ease of use in mind. At its briefcase size, it hooks up to any power outlet at hand – whether it be US or international mains, or 12V outlets. Simply connect it to a keg and you’re ready to enjoy a cold and fresh draft beer. The inventors even got rid of the huge and often hard to come by CO2-bottles. Instead, this tiny machine uses an air compressor that pumps purified air from its surrounding into the keg. “For years I have been dreaming about drafting beer from my kitchen faucet,” says the inventor, Thorsten Loth. So just this year, him and his friends Peter (engineering), Judith (PR) and Carlo (media) founded Das Kuhling LLC in the US. Their mission: make every beer lover’s dream come true.


Accordingly, their baby is compatible with any beer tap, party faucet, and – well – your kitchen. Unlike your kitchen though, the system is self-cleaning. Another smart feature is the built-in cooler which allows you to use a warm keg and cool down beer to your preferred temperature within minutes.


And, as Germans are overly precise, you can set the temperature by one tenth of a degree. The team’s Rock’n’Roll background highly influenced the look of their invention. The nifty set-up actually reminds you of a oldschool guitar amp. It is simply built to last – on the tough outside as well as all the high quality components on the inside.

The four founding friends started what they call “Krautfunding” on Kickstarter to further improve their prototype and get ready to go into production. Through the help of the campaign, the team has already managed to obtain less expensive, higher-quality components. The savings are directly passed on to the backers on, who can now pledge as little as $499 to be rewarded with the standard Das Kuhling or $549 for the Special Edition. To attract as many backers as possible, shipping to the US and to Europe is now available.


If you love cold beer and German engineering, swing by on Kickstarter to back the thirsty Germans. Prost!


About Das Kuhling LLC

Thorsten, inventor of Das Kuhling, and his three long time friends Judith (PR), Peter (engineering), and Carlo (media) recently founded the start-up here in the US. What started as just a brilliant idea has now become a real enterprise with aim to introduce their invention to the US market. With the help of their Krautfunding on Kickstarter, the group of German beer enthusiasts is planning on going into the production of their handmade “Wunderkind” as soon as possible.


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