3rd January, 2016



Say “NO” To Mercury Oral Thermometers

Nanci Perrin launches a new digital oral thermometer.








































The old style mercury thermometers have been around for over 300 years, a great solution in measuring temperatures back in the day, but luckily times have changed.


These types of thermometers can be especially dangerous if the liquid form of mercury leaks out after a break and is vaporized into the air.


Once inhaled, the tiny mercury atoms are easily absorbed into the body, flowing first to the lungs and then dangerously the nerve poison enters the blood and the brain.

So what is the solution now?


A healthy non mercury digital oral thermometer.

Nanci Perrin have recently launched their high quality Digital Fever Thermometer on the world’s largest online retailer platform, Amazon.


After 4 short weeks they have received a steady flow of 5 Star Reviews from mothers, families, clinics and even animal hospitals.


One customer comments, "This is the best digital thermometer i have ever used" and another says "Great for travel and diaper bag, the perfect digital thermometer for baby and kids".


Nanci Perrins Digital Oral Thermometer ensures fast accurate body temperature readings for oral, underarm and rectal use. The waterproof, soft, flexible design which beeps when a fever temperature is reached, is safe, highly reliable and comes in a hygenic and convenient storage case.


Don’t settle for the older style mercury oral thermometers, a break or a spill of mercury is highly toxic and dangerous, particularly if broken in the mouth.


At Nanci Perrin we care about our customers and strive for excellence in both product making and customer satisfaction.


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