15th September, 2014


Hong Kong


E1PearlEarrings Launching With Grand Opening Sale and Black Pearls


E1PearlEarrings announces its official launch with an introductory grand opening sale of 20% off and free global shipping. By signing up and joining as a member, customers can further enjoy monthly special offers and an additional 10% discount.











































E1PearlEarrings announces its official launch today with an introductory grand opening sale of 20% off and free global shipping. By signing up and joining as a member, customers can also enjoy monthly special offers and a further 10% discount. The company also highlights its offering of black pearl antique earrings along with its elegant collection of pearl earrings of different hues, including white, grey and a distinctive pink. This classy range is designed to never go out of style which will stand the test of time, as well as making wonderful and memorable gifts.


Vintage jewelry calls to our hearts like nothing else can, being shrouded in the mystery of a bygone era. Black pearls add to this allure with the magnetism of the night that is hard to describe. Karen, e1PearlEarrings' Operations Officer said it best when she remarked "Very few women in this world can resist the attraction pearls have on them, similar to the magic of a full moon on a cloudless evening. The aura of pearl jewelry exerts an inexplicable pull which draws everyone in and captivates them with its beauty. Black pearls amplify this kind of subtle sophistication."


She further recommends maintaining the luster of your pearl earrings by occasionally cleaning with a clean and dry anti-static cloth. For more thorough treatment, you can use a microfiber cloth dipped in a mixture of lukewarm water with a small quantity of dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner.


E1PearlEarrings' default shipping method for its pearl earrings is by airmail. However, customers may also elect to ship via EMS or DHL at an additional cost should they prefer faster delivery. Each of the company's product comes with a 7-day Guarantee, which means that it can be returned or exchanged within a period of 7 days. is designed to help you browse and locate pearl earrings and jewelry available for sale with ease. The company partners with quality merchants to bring the best product selections at the lowest prices possible to its customers. For any additional information, please leave Karen a message and she will respond to your queries in a timely fashion. Please do take advantage of the company's 20% off grand opening sale while it lasts, and enjoy an additional 10% discount by signing up as a member






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