Zurich, Switzerland


15th October, 2015


Author Sonja Wuthrich Releases First Book of Three - Fantasy Sequel for Young Adults



The humdrum of everyday life is quickly set aside when the hero of the new young adult fantasy novel, “Elementary Virtue” – The Savior - discovers he is the prophesized savior of a mystical clan.  First time author, Sonja Wuthrich, has released her new novel on as an e-book and readers everywhere are taking notice.  



































































One reader said, “This book had all the elements that make up a suspenseful, well-written novel.  The narrative was compelling right up to the end and the dialogue was excellent.  I would recommend this one if you enjoy contemporary novels with younger characters.”


The story’s main character, Gregory, is 18-years-old a regular kid with a rising crush on his friend Leyla.  In the blink of an eye, Gregory goes from everyday teen to being a prophesized mystic with new, and sometimes embarrassing, talents.  Caught in the crossfire of an ancient war between two rival clans with his life at stake, Gregory must find the strength and smarts to unravel the secrets of an ancient prophecy, thwart his enemies and deal with his feelings for Leyla, all at the same time.  


Wuthrich is already busy working on the second book of the sequel “Elementary Virtue”, called, “The Prophecy”.  The release date is yet to be announced.  


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About Sonja Wuthrich:

Inspired by her teenage daughter, author Sonja Wuthrich wrote “Elementary Virtue” – The Savior -, the first of a three books - fantasy sequel for young adults.  She lives with her daughter and their beloved cats in Zurich, Switzerland.  



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