16th December 2013




Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom,EzeeBat is a new innovative, technically sound pre-racquet sports development product that will help make learning & playing racquet sports accessible and safe for children aged 2-6.  























Peter Crossman, the co-founder of EzeeSport ( and EzeeSquash ( has developed a new paddle bat (no handle) for children to develop racquet sport skills.  Peter has been coaching children for many years and after using various pieces of racquet equipment available on the market, found that they were too heavy, unsafe, expensive and uncomfortable.  Peter began to research and innovate his own solution to the problems he was experiencing and so invented the EzeeBat.


EzeeBat consists of inner foam padding, and adjustable stretchy Velcro straps which are more child friendly and comfortable.  It is 8.5’’ in length, weighs no more than 120g, and provides comfort and is easy to use.  EzeeBat is fun looking and will be available in various bright colours.  


Since 2003 Peter has been dedicated to developing sport skills for children encouraging them to become active and develop skills that will last a lifetime. The EzeeBat will instill the confidence in children from a young age to pursue racquet sports opening the path to not only enjoy these games but also potentially develop more future champions.


Peter is using the industry leading crowd-funding platform, Indiegogo to raise money to get the first production of the EzeeBat to the retail consumer. As much global support to launch EzeeBat is needed as possible. The cause can be supported at EzeeBat Funding Page


Peter would humbly like to donate an EzeeBat at cost for every one sold to poor nations so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy racquet sports.



For more information and high res images contact: Peter Crossman on m: 07717721231 e: [email protected]





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