29th April, 2015


Oakland, California, USA


Californian Author's New Book is a Gargoyle Tale


Fiction Book, "Flesh of Stone", Is Not Your Love Story Between Humans And Gargoyles. It's A Story About Their Survival In Present Day.


























Author Pamela A Goodwin catches attention with her fiction book, Flesh of Stone, with an old time favorite. Gargoyles. She takes her readers on a wild ride that starts in Ohio, when a single mother, Abrial, of seven kids realizes that one of her youngest sons is starting to change into a gargoyle.


Thinking it's best to keep the family secret safe by packing up and leaving the U.S., Abrial moves to France without telling her boyfriend Iceberg. When he finds out they moved without notice, he manages to track her down. This situation gets worse when a full blood gargoyle catches up to Abrial at the same time Iceberg does. Trying to make her his companion.


Just when it seems that Abrial and the kids can be a family again with Iceberg accepting the exposed secret, another gargoyle takes Abrial away from her family and tries to keep her for himself. Forcing her kids to use their hidden abilities to get her back. Working as a team is the only way the kids can get their mother back home and kill the gargoyles standing in the way.


This book is only one of many that Pamela has published. She is an interesting author of fiction with a children's book about her childhood memories as well. Her love for writing started as a History major with fifteen and twenty five page papers as her assignment. Over time, writing a whole book was no problem! She was born in Riverside, Ca but raised in Oakland where she is a single mother of a son and daughter. Her book, A Party When the Wolves Come Home, was featured in the London Book Fair April 14-16. She plans to have more of her books in future book fairs coming up.

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