6th March, 2015




Foundation for Talented Youth Selected as 2015 Echoing Green Semi-finalist


Today the Foundation for Talented Youth announced it is a semi-finalist among applicants for the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship, a leadership program designed to find and nurture social entrepreneurs who seek to launch bold new ventures.


The Foundation for Talented Youth (FTY) is one of among 432 remaining applicants in the running for the fellowship. In total, over 3,100 applications were received for the Echoing Green Fellowship this year.


“We are thrilled to have made it as a semi-finalist for this outstanding opportunity,” David Willson, co-founder of The Foundation for Talented Youth says. “Our mission is to give our students skills and tools they can use to take control of their dreams and build a better future, and there are few organizations that compliment this better than Echoing Green.”


Echoing Green’s Fellowship programs offer more than $4.6 million in seed-stage funding, and Fellows selected for the program receive up to $90,000 over the course of the first two years as they participate in leadership development gatherings and meet with other Echoing Green fellows, partners and friends.


Echoing Green’s focus is on finding and investing in individuals ready to breathe life into big ideas, rather than offering a reward for a specific business plan. The goal is to find those who wish to enter into a lifetime of leadership, a goal that closely aligns with the Foundation for Talented Youth.


“Social entrepreneurship is so much more than making a successful career for oneself,” Austin Yoder, co-founder of the Foundation for Talented Youth says. “It’s a value that extends into all areas of life that can have a dramatic impact on a city, region, or nation. This is something we echo in all our coursework, so our students are well aware of this by the time finish one of our programs.”


With an intense focus on preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs, the Foundation for Talented Youth teaches its students directly in school classrooms over the course of the semester. Students then go out in the world to share those same opportunities and knowledge with underprivileged communities who would otherwise not be able to access entrepreneurship education. In 2015, FTY will take groups of students to work with indigenous communities of Australia, underprivileged children in Myanmar and Tunisia, and youth prisons and orphanages in Taiwan to teach intensive entrepreneurial programs to help build those communities.


In order to reach its goal of bringing entrepreneurial skills to one million people by 2025, FTY has developed a unique social impact model. For every student that goes through its core program, FTY ensures that at least three people from underprivileged communities receive intensive entrepreneurship training.


Furthermore, when any student is sponsored into FTY’s core program by a generous individual or organization, FTY matches that generosity, providing a full scholarship for a second student to help to spread entrepreneurial skills to as many young people around the world as quickly as possible. To learn more about the Foundation for Talented Youth, visit




Austin Yoder, Founder at Foundation for Talented Youth. [email protected]



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