19th September 2014


New FREE Android App Gives Planet Earth Updates 24/7





















A new free Android App, enables phone users to get updates about the planet's wildlife and environment 24/7.


Keep up to date 24/7 with what's happening on Planet Earth and space, by using Planet Report. Hundreds of adventurers and scientists sending constant messages and pics from the Amazon jungle, Polar regions and other remote wild places.


It is a great way to spend a few minutes. Stuck in a lift, sat on a bus or having a coffee break; be amazed at Planet Earth in all its wonder and beauty by using Planet Report. Every time you use it you will learn something new and also how you can help world wildlife. Example categories; Elephants, big cats, primates, oceans, climate and weather, space, earthquakes, rainforests, birds, wildlife North America, volcanoes, space etc.


The Planet Report App hopes to increase awareness of the great work being done to preserve the planet's flora and fauna, and help people discover more about the beauty of our planet.



Free download at;


Google Play




Opera Mobile Store


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