11th February, 2015


London, Canada


Gymnut – A New Social Fitness Marketplace App is Launched


Get inspired, find workouts, and see results from a marketplace of top trainers!


Gymnut, a social fitness marketplace dedicated to redefine training by highlighting, promoting and empowering personal trainers connects trainers with fitness enthusiasts across the globe. The app provides simple tools for trainers to inspire, train and interact with gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone else requiring a training plan or advice.


Gymnut’s web app was launched this January and has seen a high volume of traffic from top notch trainers and fitness enthusiasts from across the globe. Some of its simple and demanding features are including


* An online studio dedicated to each trainer to manage their social followings, posts, workouts.


* An all-in-one trainer-client board to manage Training Plans, sales orders and all the communications with clients.


* A Workout builder with a large database of exercises helping trainers to craft workouts for their clients.


Since inception, Gymnut has signed up 75 trainers from 7 continents. These trainers have been actively inspiring people on Gymnut’s social feed, creating workouts, and are ready to address client’s training requests.


Dr. Cyrus Nambakhsh, CEO at Gymnut said “the fact is, no one knows it all. Gymnut is a gem of insightful need-to-know fitness information enriched by the vast knowledge and experience of not one, not two, but a constantly growing number of fitness experts and enthusiasts. Gymnut is not an all-knowing app, but an all-people app with fitness information for people from all walks of life.”

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Cyrus Nambakhsh CEO - Gymnut Inc.

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