Birmingham, UK


August 18th, 2015



Halo Veg Co. Announces the Launch of Alterna’meat® - a Delicious New Meat-Alternative Food Range


Halo Veg Co. producer of Alterna’meat®, has introduced its line-up of meat-alternative products for both retail and wholesale outlets via its website



































“Tastefully wholesome and beautifully ethical, Alterna’meat® embarks consumers on a delicious meat-free experience” announced the company at its Birmingham headquarters

The co-founders of Halo Veg Co. (vegetarians themselves), crafted the Alterna’meat® range to also appeal to the increasing number of meat-lovers who are looking to reduce their meat intake. Manjeet Singh, co-founder of Halo Veg Co., commented “We’ve worked passionately to craft our bold range of Alterna’meat® foods, capturing the genuine smell, texture and taste of peoples favourite meat-dishes – and today our journey has turned into an ethical meat-alternative experience, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike”


Alterna’meat® features Alterna’meat® Style Hot Dogs, Alterna’meat® Spicy Buffalo Style Wings, Alterna’meat® Deluxe Style Sausage, Alterna’meat® Golden Fish Style Fillets, Alterna’meat® Beef Style Steak, Alterna’meat® Royale Chicken Style Burger and Alterna’meat® Chicken Style Drumsticks; split between between the ‘Signature Range’ and the ‘Gourmet Range’. All products are completely egg, fish and meat free (with 3 products being vegan – and the entire range turning vegan in the near future!)


Products are available to buy directly through the company’s website (including larger catering bags), as well as a growing network of stockists throughout the UK.





To connect with Halo Veg Co., please contact:

Name: Manjeet Singh (co-founder)

Telephone: 07967191755

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]




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