5th July, 2014 (Miami, USA)



WKMT-DB DaGr8FM Radio Station Becomes BDS Certified with Nielsen


WKMT-DB DaGr8FM, the leading global online radio station provider of hip hop music from around the world, exclusive interviews, and online promotions, is pleased to announce its BDS Certification with Nielsen for broadcasting.



WKMT-DB DaGr8FM team has served the online radio airwaves for two years and the addition of the BDS Certification for radio spin royalties in online radio was a natural progression. Now in addition to offering superior music services in the online radio market, WKMT-DB DaGr8FM will also provide listeners a downloadable radio app for all mobile devices.


“WKMT-DB DaGr8FM’s BDS Certification was driven by listeners and artists requests. They talked, we listened and responded” stated Lamar Exilus, Program Director with WKMT-DB DaGr8FM. “WKMT-DB DaGr8FM is excited to be BDS Certified and we are very encouraged by the welcome and interest we have received from listeners, record labels, artist managers, artists, and DJs”. WKMT-DB DaGr8FM is the number one global online radio station and currently associates with mainstream and independent music, entertainment, fashion, multimedia, promotions, and more online. For mainstream and independent artist we provide interviews, live shows, event coverage, promotions and now BDS spins for artist royalties in online radio.


“We are thrilled to be affiliated with WKMT-DB DaGr8FM as their brand is internationally known and respected as a leader in online radio. Their marketing power will leverage the entire Internet as a musical destination, reaching new listeners and artists” said Nicole Reynolds, CEO of Hauterede Marketing Solutions.


“I am excited to be part of WKMT-DB DaGr8FM, because they have so much to offer—both for our listeners and artists”, stated Catiana Saintil, WKMT-DB DaGr8FM Radio Personality and student in Broadcasting. “From quality mainstream and independent music, to superior promotion, to value added services for artists and special perks for our listeners—it’s a win – win situation”.


Music lovers and artists interested in learning more about WKMT-DB DaGr8FM Radio Station you can visit Independent artists interested in radio spins and interviews, contact Lamar Exilus at 786-431-1979 or 754-244-5374 for more information.




WKMT-DB DaGr8FM, one of the world’s leading online radio stations, provides a one-stop resource in On Line’s premier musical destinations, (


WKMT-DB DaGr8FM is the most internationally well known and respected in online radio around the world. WKMT-DB DaGr8FM is one of the international leading online radio stations focusing on quality mainstream and independent music, exclusive interviews, live shows, event coverage, promotions, and BDS spins for royalties.




Lamar Exilus, Program Director of WKMT-DB DaGr8FM

WKMT-DB DaGr8FM Radio Station






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