New Social Media Launch,, Simplifies Holiday Gift Lists


Gilbert, Arizona, USA (November 19, 2013) – With the madness of Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, approaching, help is on the way. A just launched social media web site,, makes Holiday gift lists easy. Users simply sign up on, which is totally free, and then type in the item they want; a picture and price for the item will appear. With a simple click the site pulls up all of the chosen gifts for purchase.


They share those lists with friends and family, who choose which gifts to purchase. Friends and family know which gifts are already picked, avoiding the dreaded “duplicate gift.” The list maker does not know which gifts are chosen, so the Holiday surprise is not ruined.


“The Holidays can be a really stressful time. Anything that makes it easier for busy moms and grandparents is a plus,” said CEO and Founder Scot Anderson. “I saw how much pressure it puts on Holly, my wife, to gather the family gift lists each year. Thought there has to be a better way, so we came up with”


Unlike “wish lists” on various web retail sites, allows the list maker to select desired gifts from anywhere on the web – then share that list with friends and family. The gift givers can see the exact item, and the price. They even have the option of clicking through and purchasing right away.


“What good is a special Black Friday deal or Door Buster if no one in your family wants it?” asked Scot Anderson. “Now when you are at a mall on Black Friday, you can just check your lists and see if anyone wants the item. You also have the web price right there – so you can see if it’s a real deal or not.”


Scot Anderson is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author from Gilbert, Arizona. He is the owner of Splatback, a toy company, and Raven Crest Tactical, a tactical products company. is his newest business venture. To schedule an interview with Scot please contact Dan Godzich: (480) 363-7991 or [email protected].


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