9th February 2012



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Make Delicious Homemade Soup The Quick and Easy Way


New Soup Maker Pro Makes Homemade Soup With Minimum Fuss and Mess



















The Soup Maker Pro is the perfect kitchen gadget for cooks who love homemade soup. Making your own soup is a great way of using up vegetables and is a very healthy alternative compared to many other lunches. It is a great way of getting your 5 a day and increasing your vegetable consumption. Perfect for vegetable gardeners who have loads of veg throughout the growing season and want to make the most of their produce and also for smaller households where huge vats of soup aren't required. The SoupMaker Pro means making soup can become a regular, easy option, rather than a big kitchen mission only made occassionally.


Just add water, a stock cube, then heat, add your veg or meat and blend, then simmer until the soup is ready to be served with some fresh crusty bread.


And that’s not all, the Soup Maker Pro™ has 6 functions:


Soup Chunky - Heat and blend hard , un-soaked vegetables, fruit, beans, etc

Steam/Boil - Steam and boil vegetables, eggs, etc

Blender - Blend, mix vegetables or fruit etc

Pulse - Hand press blend quickly

Reheat - Reheat leftovers or keep soup, milk etc warm


The Soup Maker Pro is on sale for £95 including UK delivery. It can be ordered from www.vistore.co.uk/kitchen






























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