6th September 2014, 2014


Melbourne, Australia


Technatives Announces Release of Version 2.0 of Popular Smartphone Application Hurt Locker


For many people the security of their smartphone data is more important than ever.  Answering these concerns the innovative application developers Technatives have announced the release of V2.0 of their popular smartphone security app Hurt Locker.  The early response from users of the app has been enthusiastic.


A casual glance at the evening news on many recent nights has revealed the need to secure smartphone data.  For many people, their smart phones contain sensitive information, photographs, text messages and more that touch on all areas of their lives from business to personal.  One company who have provided a popular and well regarded solution in this area is the innovative technology group Technatives.  Technatives are the developers behind smartphone security application Hurt Locker, recently releasing version 2.0, with greatly expanded features, usability and power.  Users have greeted the release of Hurt Locker 2.0 with quick positive feedback.


“Our goal with any of our applications, but with Hurt Locker in particular is to always explore what improvements we can make in both function and form,”  commented a spokesperson from Technatives.  “Hurt Locker is a great security solution for smartphones and version 2.0 even makes it better.  We know our old and new users are certainly going to appreciate the new features and work flows.”


Hurt Locker is designed to secure the data of the user's choice within a smartphone.  This includes allowing users to create hidden and secure data repositories for photos, videos, SMS text messages and more.  


According to the company many new features have been added to V2.0 of Hurt Locker.  Some highlights are the new option to put a password on backup files for Hurt Locker stored on Drop Box or Google Play, preventing someone from “hacking Google Play” and being able to steal unprotected Hurt Locker data by downloading it to another Hurt Locker install;  Image Swipe, which allows V2.0 users to swipe between images in their pic folder;  locked apps can now be opened directly from Hurt Locker; the incredibly useful Intruder Detection, which takes a photo and logs the time anytime anyone puts an incorrect password into Hurt Locker; and finally the number of languages available on the app have been expanded to include both French and Vietnamese.


Hurt Locker is available as a download at the Google Play store.


Users of the innovative smartphone security app have expressed their excitement of the addition in version 2.


Emily P., from San Diego, recently said, “I've been using Hurt Locker for a long time now and I really love it.  For the price and its features, it has really been impossible to beat.  The new version is even better.  To be honest just having the Intruder Detection is really, really amazing.  I've caught ex-boy friends trying to spy around on my smartphone and they attempted to deny it.  Having a photo of them doing it would have been completely amazing.  I totally recommend Hurt Locker.  Five stars.”


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