29th June, 2015


Cardiff, UK


(In)Visible Cities Documentary Series About African Migrants Screening In Cardiff At Butetown History And Arts Centre July 2nd 6pm


Residents of Butetown, Cardiff are to appear in a screening at the Butetown History and Arts Centre (BHAC) as part of an internationally produced documentary exploring the lives and tales of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa. The documentary (IN)VISIBLE CITIES will be screened on Thursday 2nd of July at 6:00pm at the BHAC. Tickets are £5 and can be purchased online or on the day.


(IN)VISIBLE CITIES is a documentary series started in Cardiff that includes the investigation of 13 cities and neighborhoods in the world. The producers, director Gianpaolo Bucci and Cardiff university alumna journalist Beatrice Kabutakapua, travelled to Los Angeles, New York and Istanbul in the last three years.


The aim of the project is to narrate the untold stories of African migrants to fight prejudices and misconceptions. Hassan Panero is one of Butetown residents to be interviewed for  (IN)VISIBLE CITIES.  He says about the documentary: “(IN)VISIBLE CITIES is not a eye opener but a very close hug from reality.”


Commenting on her decision to start this project Beatrice said: “On the one hand I have always been curious  about  African  culture,  which  is  also  my  culture  as  I  was  born  Italian  from Congolese parents.


“On the other hand, I wanted to create a database for media to use to cover African migrants

issues. But also I’d love to change the stereotypical idea many have about migrants.”


“I  was deeply touched when a man from Zimbabwe told me ‘thanks for  doing this,’” said

Gianpaolo. He added: “This kind of statement makes me more committed on what I’m doing

because through the filmmaking practice I can contribute to spread a culture of diversity.”


The project has been so far self-funded with the help of a number of associations and their in-kind donations. It is now raising funds through a crowdfunding. To follow  the  updates  of  the  project  you  can  visit  the  website



(IN)VISIBLE CITIE will be screened on Thursday 2nd of July at the Butetown History and Arts Centre at 6.00pm. Entrance is £5 and can be purchased online or on place. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the producers and directors.


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(IN)VISIBLE CITIES (2013, 50 mins.) Directed by Gianpaolo Bucci. Written by Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua. Produced by Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua and Gianpaolo Bucci. Music: Hoxton Lab, Marco Morano. U.K./U.S. English. Balobeshayi Productions.



Gianpaolo Bucci

is an Italian social issues-focused film-maker active worldwide, whose films were screened at Med Film Festival and MACRO Testaccio in Rome, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, IFCT in Washington. During his seven years working for RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana he also developed a broad range of independent projects, among which is a theatrically released long feature film. Recently he moved first to London to work with a VII photographer and a BBC journalist on social reportages and documentaries; then to Los Angeles, where he was invited for an artist residency at the 18th Street Arts Center to work on the documentary series (IN)VISIBLE CITIES.


Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua

is an investigative journalist and photographer born in Italy but with Congolese roots. In her seven years spent working in the media she has collaborated with media companies such as The Guardian, L’Espresso, Radio France Internationale and the BBC. Focused on international development, migration and human rights issues, she has also been a staff member of the UN Department of Information and is currently an editorial trainer for the US-based NGO World Pulse. She is an active volunteer and works in Italian, English and French.



“ This film has the potential to make an important social impact by raising consciousness to overlooked, or invisible populations within a number of international communities worldwide”

-Pilar Tompkins Rivas, art curator


“This is a really important issue nowadays. (In)Visible Cities has to visit as many countries and capture as many stories as possible around the world”

-Hit man Gurung, artist


“Great camera work! I fell in love with the characters”

-Michael W. Barnard, filmmaker




Oxfam Cymru work to end poverty and suffering, locally and globally, and make this central to public and political life in Wales.


Butetown History and Art Centre collects, preserves, copies and utilizes oral histories, old photographs and other documents; organizes community education courses and works with schools and community groups.

Tam Tam D’Afrique is an NGO based in Rome aiming to give importance and aliment the discussion around the role of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



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