5th February, 2015


Tel Aviv, Israel


New Book reveals How Israeli Intelligence Services really work

































































Author Ofer Anaby has produced a new book for eBook readers in Amazon's Kindle Store. The book named How Israeli Intelligence Services really work is a unique opportunity for readers to uncover how Israeli intelligence agencies (MOSSAD, military intelligence and SHABAK) operate against threats in the Middle East: Islamic terror, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran and others.


As someone who has studied and known this subject for decades, the author describes an easy to grasp, comprehensive picture of these intriguing and complex issues. This book hones in on the human and technological tools of Israeli intelligence regarding threats in the Middle East and Iran.. This book was intentionally written to require only a relatively short time to grasp the whole situation.


Ofer Anaby says of his book "I made it a point not to exceed 75 pages out of a desire to assist paint a complete picture but require only a small time commitment. I am convinced that at the end of this book, readers will have a clear and coherent understanding of Israeli intelligence and how it copes daily with threats from Arab countries, from organizations acting on behalf of the Iranian state, and on behalf of Al Qaeda.


How Israeli Intelligence Services really work is available through Amazon's Kindle Store.


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Tel-Aviv, Israel


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