25th July, 2015


iTechor Introduces Aluminium Made Foldable Selfie Sticks 


iTechor has introduced Aluminium Alloy foldable Selfie Sticks which are compatible with iOS 5.0 and above models. Being made of aluminium, the sticks are durable and have a long life.


The best part is the portability of the Selfie Stick as it can be folded and kept in the pocket and thus, it can be taken to any possible location without any issues. It also comes with a phone stick holder in order to adjust the phone firmly in the Selfie Stick. So, one is sure to improve the selfies that one takes as there is no need to stretch the hand or face any inconvenience while taking a selfie.


Further, the Selfie Stick iPhone is very easy to use and can be rotated to up to 270 degrees which enables one to click the selfie from the best possible angle. Another feature of the Selfie Stick iPhone is that it fits most of the available smartphones like iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5c, 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and other such smartphones. Also, this Selfie Stick iPhone 6 plus is very lightweight.


Another good thing about this Selfie Stick iPhone 5 is that it is a stand-alone Selfie Stick which doesn’t require any extra battery as it has its own Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. So, the Selfie Stick iPhone doesn’t cause any further expenses of procuring disposable batteries all the time, as it comes with its own USB charging cord via which it gets charged and after that it can be used for many hours.


There is a good offer on the purchase of the Selfie Stick iPhone right now as one just needs to pay $18.99 for a Bluetooth 3.0 Selfie Stick, along with one USB cable, one Wrist Strap, one pouch and one user manual.


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Itechor has introduced premium quality Selfie Sticks which have their own rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which enables one to use them easily without any hassles of buying disposable batteries all the time.




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