7th December, 2014



Leading Australian Model Jade Foster Announces Launch of Men's Cologne “Dominate: The World Is Yours”


Through hard work and dedication Jade Foster has built a reputation as a rising male model immensely popular both in the industry and across social media, where his friends, fans and followers are legion. Now Jade is poised to take the world by storm from another direction, with the recent announcement his men's cologne, “Dominate: The World Is Yours”, is poised to be released.













































Australian model Jade Foster may be best known for his good looks that have led to his being a featured model for a huge number of exciting brands, like Mossimo, Aussiebum, Drom Clothing and Affiliates Apparel, but that's certainly not all he is. The incredibly open and friendly Jade, who has over a million followers on his combined social media accounts, recently announced the launch of his latest project, a men's cologne he has worked long and hard on and is set to be a real player in the industry. Dubbed “Dominate: The World Is Yours”, the cologne is due out soon and the anticipation surrounding it is very high.


“This is a project and business I'm really passionate about,” commented Jade, about entering into the men's cologne market with Dominate. “There's been a lot of time, dedication and hard work put into 'Dominate' and we know the world is going to love it. As a top model I'm exposed to all sorts of cologne and this is really something special.”


Certainly, Jade brings a very popular name and reputation to back his new project. His spot in the Australian nightlife scene is well known, having recently been photographed with everyone from his friend Kim Kardashian, to partying with the local superstars like Jackie Gillies from “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” and Richard Wilkins. This is on top of being a social media giant, where not only are his number of followers huge, but they've also shown to be interested and engaged in what he has to say and offer.


Doug M., a fan from Perth, recently said, “Jade is really amazing. I love his work and I can't wait to try his new cologne. I'm sure if it's his business he's made sure it's going to be one of the best colognes available for a young guy like me trying to impress!”


Expect news on the release date soon.


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