20th July, 2014 (Miami, USA)



MyMusicTalk Announce Upcoming Live Video Chat With Legendary Keyboardist Jordan Rudess


A rare, free opportunity to video chat with one of the world’s most talented musicians keyboardist Jordan Rudess has been recently announced by My Music Talk, the Ultimate Musician’s Collaboration Network. The chat is free and scheduled for August 9, to very high anticipation.


MyMusicTalk is steadily continuing to build their name as the “go to” resource for musicians seeking to network and collaborate. One recent aspect of their activities has been hosting free video chats with amazing musicians so that they can share their insights, tips and diverse experiences with MyMusicTalk’s active and excited members. The network recently announced, one of the top keyboardists in history Jordan Rudess, will be appearing on the site and engaging in a free live chat session.


“We’re very excited about Jordan Rudess joining us for a discussion on MyMusicTalk,” commented a spokesperson from the social network. “It’s a rare opportunity and I’m certain what he shares will not only be of extreme interest to fellow keyboardists, but also to other musicians who specialize in different instruments. The wisdom a man of his caliber is able to provide, is really universally valuable.”


Jordan Rudess is best known for his work as a member of Dream Theater. He also own the Guiness record for fastest keyboardist in the world.


MyMusicTalk, music collaborations network, provide tools and resources for musicians of all levels, with members in over 120 countries. The social network is overwhelmingly endorsed by its members, which range from professional musicians to those with casual interests and everything in between.


Emily G., a amateur musician from New York, recently said, “I couldn’t appreciate MyMusicTalk more. It’s even more interesting with the new video chats that have been occurring. I can’t wait to listen and see what Jordan Rudess has to offer.”


The new video chat is scheduled for August 9, 2014 at 1:00pm Eastern.


Mymusictalk, beyond keyboardists, also features networking and collaboration opportunities for nearly every type of musician imaginable, including: drums and percussion artists; guitar and bass players; saxophone players; brass wind players; singers and much, much more. Each instrument is represented by some of the most skilled and well known musicians in its field, making MyMusicTalk truly unique in the opportunities it provides.


More video chats are planned on a regular basis, giving members the chance to continue to receive insight that is next to impossible to find anywhere else.


In the near future mobile apps are also planned to be released by the site. They are currently under development.

“We plan on continuing to expand MyMusicTalk. As great as it is now, this is just the beginning,” concluded the site’s spokesperson.


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