19th January, 2015


New York, USA


McQuicker & Co. Announces Kickin' Santa - Atheists and the matter of Fact by Joseph Orbi


Author bets it all in his battle against religious extremism.


McQuicker & Company announced the publication of Kickin’ Santa - Atheists and the matter of Fact by Joseph Orbi. The book, according to the author, is "...a weapon against superstition and the fraud of religions worldwide. It is also an urgent warning to parents to safeguard their children’s sense of critical appreciation and judgment, so they don't become targets of smooth-talking charlatans and psychopaths, eager to exploit their willingness to believe nonsense."


Concise, irreverently funny and focused, Kickin' Santa - Atheists and the matter of Fact confronts the religious establishment in the West with a challenge that is included in the book: Show the world historical proof (outside the books of the Gospels) that the biblical Jesus existed at any time in history, and claim a reward worth hundreds of thousands of dollars offered by the Author himself.


"Kickin' Santa - Atheists and the matter of Fact is a hole-puncher that refutes every religious argument, fallacy and contradiction quoted by those smiling others who, empowered by what psychologists call 'psychotic belief,' explain everything with: 'It says so in the bible,'" adds Mr. Orbi.


Based on careful research Kickin' Santa - Atheists and the matter of Fact explains the impossibility of Jesus Christ, now or ever, and reveals how – and most importantly why – the character came to be. In addition, the book details how, in this 21st century, there are those who use the bible to justify one of the cruelest tragedies of modern times, and brings to light the deliberate exploitation of children by religious organizations around the world, in propaganda that includes depictions of child sacrifice. "All for the sake of furthering an irreligious religious agenda," says Mr. Orbi.


Kickin' Santa - Atheists and the matter of Fact by Joseph Orbi is available at bookstores everywhere, and online in both, regular hard-copy and e-book formats. For more information, watch the video at or contact Sebastian Black at (213) 533-0774 or at [email protected]


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