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The Most Beautiful Beefburger in the World?                                  

With stay at home ‘restaurant quality’ dining on the increase, brings to the table Kobe, the ‘caviar of beef’ that takes some beating.


























Today, the Burger Manufacturing Company Ltd has launched it’s new online ordering website for customers from across the UK. is their chosen site name, and it’s one that ‘foodies’ won’t forget in a hurry. The company is a well established supplier of fine meat to the restaurant trade, including to some of the countries finest eateries. With the increase in online shopping, coupled with the trend of fine dining at home, now aims to become THE place to order exclusive, fine burgers and steaks for discerning dinner party hosts looking to make an impression.


The new site is rich in mouth watering imagery of succulent sizzling burgers and steaks, alongside crispy fresh salad and garnish, with fresh sesame seed buns. It’s nicely laid out and easy to use, with a range of burgers and steaks to order. One of their most exclusive meat’s is Kobe beef, available as steaks or burgers.


Kobe beef is recognised around the world by leading chefs, gourmets and butchers as the finest there is. The meat comes from Wagyu cattle, that originate from Japan, where it was once the sole preserve of Emperors. A herd has now been established in the lush green Welsh valleys at Voelas Hall, an ancient aristocratic estate, situated on the Lleyn Peninsula. This is where most of the kobe beef at originates from.


The cattle live a life of absolute luxury with a diet of grain, racehorse grass, hay and local beer! This results in the meat being tender, with a distinctive marbling apearance, that comes from a genetic disposition and very high standards of care, which can include regular massages to help distribute fat evenly! The increased marbling also improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats, making the meat suitable as part of a low cholestrol diet.


Kobe 10oz Steak Burger 4x282g - £29.95, only one click away at



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