11th October 2013


Kung Fu Master Becomes Movie Star





























Martial arts expert and actor Master Chet shares his powerful secrets with the world.




From the time of the legendary Bruce Lee, people everywhere have been fascinated by the hidden secrets of Kung fu. ‘Master Chet’s Kung Fu System’ was released this week and is one of the most impressive things to hit the martial arts world since Bruce was around forty years ago. It openly demonstrates the true nature of real life self defence and how Kung fu really works. Professional fighters and soldiers help him and his two female trainees to demonstrate the 55 easy to learn techniques. The simple message at the end is; it’s better to know something than to know nothing!


What are the benefits?


* Learn these ancient self defence skills for today’s modern world.


* Specifically designed for men and women.


* Simple to learn.


Who is Master Chet? In his own words: “I’m just like you, I’ve seen a lot in life and that’s helping me to improve many other people’s lives. It brings me a lot of happiness to see the improvement it makes in people; it makes me even happier when it saves their lives.”


Master Chet recently completed filming the movie ‘Carlos Gustavo’ where he plays a very convincing South American assassin with psychopathic tendencies. It was picked up by international sales agents soon after completion and has since joined the sales floors at the Cannes Film Festival and the recent Toronto International Film Festival this year. The release dates for the movie are due to be announced soon.


Master Chet’s Kung Fu System went on sale this week, it’s available for you to stream or download from or directly from the player and can be watched on most devices. If you are a fan of martial arts or know someone that is; this you have to see!


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