13th October, 2014




Video Project Lets Women and Girls Chime in On How They are Represented in the Media


Non-profit organization, Media Savvy Girls- has launched a worldwide video project to empower women and girls to express their opinions about the current representation of their gender in the media.


The project, LetmeBMe, was launched in July 2014 (see their first promo release and started asking women and girls around the world to answer (in less than 45 seconds and by being 100 percent honest) one simple question: "If there was one thing you could change about how women and girls are represented in the media, what would that be?”


Prompted by the positive response of many male supporters, the project was then expanded to include the voices of

men and boys, in astonishing perfect timing with the spirit of the newly launched United Nations campaign HeforShe.


Since the launch of LetmeBMe, more than 115 video-answers from women and men contributors all over the world have been uploaded on the project website and the contributions continue to pour in.


Doctoral researcher and founder of Media Savvy Girls, Francesca Morosi, is delighted at the response they have received for the project. "She said, “We’ve done all this on a shoestring budget and still cannot believe the success and response we had so far. We are extremely impressed with our contributors – some of them even expressing their thoughts in poetry, musical and artistic form – and we are hopeful to reach 1,000 contributions by the project’s first anniversary."


Ms. Morosi further added, "Although designed in the spirit of activism and empowerment, the project in its simplicity remains a cross-cultural research endeavour, as such firmly No-Profit and No-Agenda. We look for 100 percent genuine answers and contributors are free to express any opinion. This is very important as we wish for all voices to come forward, not just particular ones to fit a pre-defined agenda."


When asked about what Media Savvy expects to achieve from this project, Ms. Morosi said, "We see this project as transformative research which should stimulate true dialogue and reflection on the serious issues relating to the representation of women and girls in the media”. To participate in the LetMeBe project, visit For further information on Media Savvy Girls, visit.


About Media Savvy Girls:


Media Savvy Girls is a non-profit organisation and grass root movement based in UK, with the aim to promote and deliver social and media literacy education to young girls, age 7-16. The organisation, however, has a mission to adapt their media and literacy kit to educate and empower boys too.




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