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Marko Stout’s Solo Exhibition to Open at Die Bachmeier Gallerie



15th January 2014, (New York, USA)



The popular New York City multimedia artist Marko Stout will be exhibiting in Berlin on St. Valentine’s Day (2/14/14) at the well regarded Die Bachmeier Gallerie. Die Bachmeier Gallerie, Tucholskystrasse 38, Mitte, Berlin, Deutschland p. +49 (0) 30 27596524 

































The popular multimedia and micro-cinema artist Marko Stout makes his Berlin introduction on St. Valentine’s Day (02/14/14) at the well regarded Die Bachmeier Gallerie, Tucholskystrasse 38, Mitte, Berlin, Deutschland p. +49 (0) 30 27596524.Marko Stout is a New York City best known for his stimulating narratives of contemporary urban society, where subjects often appear in a moderate state of distress, overwhelmed by their modern high-tech uber-paced environment, while still maintaining a chic detached sexy demeanor of a sophisticated twenty-first century city dweller. 


Marko Stout was born in South Africa and relocated to the States as a child, where he grew up along the lax Jersey Shore of the 1970s. He attended Rowen University, later receiving his university degree in evolutionary biology from Princeton University and earning a medical degree from Columbia Medical School in New York City. Marko developed his passion for art while living aboard a houseboat in a San Francisco community. Upon his return to New York City Marko Stout rapidly established himself as a part of New York City’s downtown art scene, drawing inspiration from local street artists and the city's numerous galleries and modern art museums.


Marko’s acclaimed 2012 solo exhibition, “An American Dream” in the Chelsea area of New York City was well received by art critics, the public and collectors. The show was a financial success as well, with all works selling within hours of the VIP opening. Unfortunately left many in the public disappointed as they were excluded from the sale. The purchase price for limited edition Marko Stout giclee prints at the exhibition was set between $26,000 to $64,000. Since the works were significantly underpriced at the exhibition Die Bachmeier Gallerie will be restructuring the fee for Marko Stout’s newest works to reflect this increased demand for his art.


Marko's works can be viewed at numerous international exhibitions, galleries of fine art, private collections. Information for collector and dealer tickers tickets as well as the St. Valentine’s Day opening night reception are available by contacting Die Bachmeier Gallerie, Tucholskystrasse 38, Mitte, Berlin, Deutschland p. +49 (0)30 27596524 or Marko Stout Studio & Galleries in New York City. Admission for the general public will be available on 2/21/14.


Der beliebte Multimedia-und Mikro-Kino Künstler Marko Stout macht seine Berlin Einführung in St. Valentinstag (14/02/14) an der gut angesehen sterben Bachmeier Gallerie. Marko Stout ist ein in New York City am besten für seine anregende Erzählungen der modernen urbanen Gesellschaft, in der Themen in einem moderaten Notlage erscheinen oft durch ihre moderne High-Tech-uber-dynamischen Umfeld überwältigt, bekannt, während immer noch eine schicke, freistehende sexy Auftreten von eine anspruchsvolle einundzwanzigsten Jahrhunderts Städter. Marko Werke können auf zahlreichen internationalen Ausstellungen, Galerien Bildende Kunst, Privatsammlungen zu sehen. Informationen für Sammler und Händler-Ticker Tickets sowie die St. Valentinstag Premiere-Empfang sind, indem Sie sterben Bachmeier Gallerie in Berlin oder Marko Stout Studio & Galerien in New York zur Verfügung. Der Eintritt für die Öffentlichkeit wird am 21/02/14 zur Verfügung.


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