26th September 2013, New Zealand:


Given the unfounded and baseless supposition with press exaggeration, the Company believes the public have the right to be fairly and truthfully informed.


The Company and any of its executive, has NOT committed any Fraud or wrongdoing of any kind whatsoever. Nor is there any pending enforcement action or investigation in process by any enforcement agency or authority worldwide, against the honorable and ‘better growth’ Maxim Trader. It is also true that there has been much “Commercial  Jealousy” aroused from banks and other financial institutions in the market place, where it has been unwisely intended to  stigmatize the well liked Maxim Trader, thus a ‘small hill  made into a large mountain ’.


It is however true that the Company entertained an acquisition offer to buy out another  company (Assumed referral name only “ABC”). ABC had investors who did not do well at ABC. This was proposed as a mere rescue mission to take in the ABC investors and to do better for them at Maxim Trader. As Maxim Trader had its own FOREX license, and are presently in the process of securing others (given its growth into other jurisdictions), the main drive for the buyout was to merely do a “good deed rescue mission”, and many of the ABC investors are already experiencing good growth at Maxim Trader. It so happens that as ABC’s FOREX license was issued by the Belize Financial Authority, when the news came out that Maxim Trader had acquired ABC, this stimulated many to enquire at the Belize Authority where MAXIM TRADER does not hold any license there nor can Maxim Trader use the license of ABC without the consent of the Belize Authority, of course.


Maxim Trader’s CEO Dr. Andrew Lim, today said “We did a good deed with business advantages of course. So the Taiwan Press now publishes good things too, despite being obviously ill-guided on facts? In any event, I have already commissioned our In-house Legal Affairs and Compliance people (LACD), whom have already filed a full written Apology and Explanation on the 25th Sept 2013 to the Belize Authority and they are also working with their Agents at Belize, towards getting the unwarranted Belize publication removed”.




From The Office of CEO for Maxim Trader.


Dr Andrew Lim



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