23rd September 2010



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A website that offers a new safer way of giving out your phone details is set to transform social networking.


In response to growing concerns about online safety and phone numbers falling into

the wrong hands have launched a service that eliminates unwelcome

callers from our lives. Rather than give out a phone number to online friends, you

give your 'paging Tag', a unique nickname you create to mask your phone number.

Then, if you add your friend's Tag to your own contact list, that person

will be able to place a call to your phone, either by clicking online or by texting your

Tag to's SMS number. Only the people on your personally approved

paging list can ever get a call through to you, everyone else is barred.


Paging gives you permanent control over who can - and can’t - call you. If you delete

a Tag from your list, they can never contact you again. So no more unwelcome

callers, no more text pests. And unlike Skype, you don't need to own a smartphone

or go online to use it: it works on all phones.


With the explosion of sites like Facebook and Twitter more and more people are

posting their phone numbers online or giving them out to strangers, and regretting it.

Imagine if Brad or Angelina's mobile phone numbers were leaked. Their phones

would never stop ringing. It would make their phones unusable. But if their paging

Tags were posted, say 'Bradley P' and 'Mrs Pitt', their phones would stay silent

because only their authorised friends could get through.


Best of all, it’s free to set up and it works on any fixed line or mobile phone, so

anyone can go to and create a Tag. Then the next time someone

asks for your number you can tell them, "My paging Tag is all you need to know". don't collect your data, your phone number is protected by state-ofthe-

art encryption, and paged calls are cheaper than all major networks' Pay as you

Go rates.



Ray O’Malley

Tel: +44 (0)7830 171662

Davide Antilli

+33 622 769 423

[email protected]


Notes to editor:

The following links are all about celebrities who have had their mobile numbers

posted online. If they had tags rather than numbers it would have

resulted in no calls.


Eminem’s number posted online after Paris Hiltons phone was hacked. Other celebs

who also had their numbers posted by hackers include Fergie from Black Eyed

Peas, Fred Durst and actress Lindsay Lohan. Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson,

actor Vin Diesel, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and tennis player Anna Kornikova’s



Miley Cyrus number posted on online comments.


Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan have their phone numbers posted on a myspace




Rachel Uchitel of the Tiger Woods scandal had her mobile number posted online

and received death threats.



AnnaLynne McCord has her number posted on Facebook by a man whose car she

crashed into while out driving.

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