10th November 2013, Norway:


OneChoice, the number one Social Networking Community is the place to be if you want to connect with different people around the world, be they friends, business partners, college mates, customers and many other important people in your life. 


The site has been described as better than Facebook for those who have signed in and used it for different purposes. Most of those who have used it say that it offers more options in one place that any other social networking site. Navigation through the site has also been described as another factor that makes the site the number one choice for people who are looking for alternative social media networks, which offer a wide range of options and features.

The site offers a variety of options, all in one place, the most interesting thing about all these features is that the users are not required to pay for them.


You can create a free online shop where you showcase your wares to the OneChoice Community. Here you will be able to advertise your products to a wider market than what most of the online selling sites offer. There is also a section where you can create free business directory, this gives you an opportunity to inform your friends and followers of the available businesses and how they can access them. You will not be charged anything to create a free business directory.

If you enjoy cooking, you can create recipes from around the world as well as showcase your skills in this area. If you want to demonstrate different methods of cooking, you can upload a video showing all this to a wider audience.


If you like music or are an artist and would like to share your music, video upload offers you an opportunity to show the world your talent. If you would like to share a popular song with your friends, the “share with friends” options allows you to do this. OneChoice also gives an artist a chance to sell their music to a wider community. Take advantage of One Choice community to reach your fans as well as sell your music.


Reconnecting with old friends, especially with school mates, can be fun, OneChoice, in Your School section, allows you to find old school mates and connect with them. It can't get any better than sharing stories, photos, music and other stuff with people who mean a lot to you, One Choice makes it possible.


You can also open a store where you showcase different products, the Your Auctions sections allows you to sell  products to the highest bidder. If you are looking for a product, you can browse the categories in the stores and you will definitely get what you need.


Entertainment options in OneChoice are plentiful. You can play different games, get music and videos which are uploaded on the site. One Choice brings all your entertainment needs together in one location.


OneChoice is transforming the way we interact, buy, sell and share our stuff with different people. It is a one stop shop, where you can get everything you need. Connecting to friends and classmates, auctioning your stuff, selling and buying what you need, advertising your products and services, sharing music, photos and videos; you name it and you will get it at OneChoice, the Social Networking Community.


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