17th April, 2015




Innovative Investments Inc. Starts A Crowdfunding Campaign For Their Post Box Cricket Project


A new hardware device called Post Box Cricket needs supporters, who will fund the crowdfunding project and help the company manufacture and distribute it.




























Innovative Investments Inc. is a multi-project company that offers a number of industrial and consumer products and services. They expect to expand on the global industry over the next few years. The company now announces the beginning of their crowdfunding campaign, which will help them release a unique Post Box Cricket Device and P-B Mobile APP. The new device will alert customers every time they have got mail to save them time in wasted trips to the mail box.





























Post Box Cricket is a state of art device created by Mr. Robert McCuiston, who is the Innovative Investments’ Founder and CEO. The new P-B Cricket Mobile App will be available for download on electronic devices alerting the owner that their important mail has been delivered, whether it is used in an apartment, urban or rural location.


The integrated Hardware device transmits electronic signals via Software notifying people by the light/motion sensor when the mail is placed in the receptacle by the mail carrier. The household residents will know exactly when their mail has been delivered via the wireless electronic signal sent by the transmitter to their Smartphone, cellular phone or another type of a handheld electronic device.


This device will be useful to all customers, but will be priceless for some specific groups of people, such as those who cannot waste time and efforts to make useless trips to their empty mailbox. It will also benefit those who live in large apartment buildings or big estates and are too far from the mailbox, or mid-aged, baby boomers, elderly, impaired, and disabled people.


People can now support this one-of-a-kind smart and helpful device, by placing a pledge. Donors, who fund $15 or more, will get free Post Box Cricket and free download of the P-B Cricket Mobile App. Its estimated cost is $15.00 to $20.00 wholesale price and $30.00 to $39.00 retail price and the P-B Cricket Mobile APP will cost $2.99 per unit, via download.


Innovative Investments Inc. closely cooperates with Miss Janet Tavakoli, who is a Financial Parent Company Setup Consultant highly interested in building the company’s sustainability to make it attractive for investors and standing the test of time. Innovative Investments Inc. also invites investors providing them with the great opportunity to buy Parent Company’s share at $2.08 per share.


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About INNOVATIVE INVESTMENTS INC Crowdfunding campaign


The crowdfunding campaign has been launched to manufacture and distribute a state of the art device





































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