Plant Picket Showcases New Line of Products at AmericasMart International Gift Show


5th February 2014, (USA)


Daarlandt Partners Inc. [DPI] is introducing a new line of Plant Picket products in 2014. The company is reaching out to retailers that may be interested in promoting the new product.


Customers were satisfied with the previous line of Plant Picket products, but suggested that DPI expand the product offerings. The company took their advice and developed several new products, which include a variety of different herbs, tomatoes, peppers, holiday items, more bugs and vegetables. The new line of plant markers will be available to customers across the country later this spring.


DPI is also introducing a few new designs for its wooden displays. These new products come in a variety of sizes and customers can earn discounts for making bulk purchases. The new plant markers are available in packages of 20, 40, 60, or 100.


DPI showcased the new products at the AmericasMart International Gift Show in Atlanta, Georgia on January 9-13. Darland also participated in another trade show at the Dallas Market Center a few days later. The company sold over 10,000 plant markers at the two events.

Jed Darland, the founder of DPI, chose to participate in these two trade shows because they are two of the best forums to reach customers, retailers and distributors. Darland feels these sales indicate that there is a strong demand for the new product.


"I was pleased to reconnect with and receive orders from retailers I have visited around the country at both shows and was extremely happy to have reorders from current retailers already as well," said Darland.


DPI is also encouraged that more retailers are showing an interest in its product line. Nearly 60 retailers in over 20 states and the District of Columbia are already selling Plant Picket products. DPI believes additional retailers will feature their product in the coming months. DPI is requesting that any retailers that are interested in featuring Plant Picket products read more about Plant Picket’s resale program.

The new products will be available at the Plant Picket website in a couple of months. Consumers that are interested in purchasing the new plant markers can visit the website for new updates.


About Plant Picket:


Plant Picket is a decorative garden marker made from salvaged, reclaimed rot-resistant wood and will last 20 years in the garden. Each ornament is hand painted, double cast in acrylic resin and hand polished to a crystal clear finish. The stakes are handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA on machinery built with reclaimed materials and re-purposed tools.


Web site:

Company: Plant Picket

Company Address:  c/o Daarlandt Partners Inc.10700 NE 4th Street #520 Bellevue, WA 98004

Contact Information:  (855) 742-5384 to (855) PICKET-4

Contact Person: Jed Darland

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