30th June 2011



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Pond Guard Protects Garden Pond Fish From Herons & Cats

A subtle alternative to pond netting, that deters predators from stealing prized pond fish


A garden pond owners worst nightmare is going out into their garden and discovering their Koi or goldfish have been taken from the pond by a heron or cat. Both usually take fish from the sides of the pond, and it the water surrounding the edges that are most vulnerable to predators.























Netting has been traditionally been used to try and protect fish, but this can look unsightly and also obscure fish from view, so they cannot be seen by pond owners. Pond Guard is an innovative interlocking net rings that are placed around the edges of the garden pond and leave the centre of the pond uncovered so fish can still be observed. The pond guards are virtually invisible from a few metres away and can be fitted to any shaped pond. They can be removed for easy cleaning. Each pond guard kit contains 30 octagonal net rings 30 x 27 cm which cover approxiamtely 28m2 (30 sq ft) of water surface area.


The pond guards prevent cats paws from entering the water and also Herons standing at the waters edge will find getting fish from the water a big problem as their beaks hit the plastic. The following videos uploaded by users on show how herons and cats both can threaten the safety of pond fish.


Grey Heron standing on the edge of a garden pond takes a fish and gulps it down.


Cat grabs fish using its paw.


Pond guard kit retails for £29.99 including UK delivery and can be ordered via
















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