8th April, 2014 (UK)


British Trailblazer Writes Story of How he Achieved Basketball Scholarship Stateside



This month, internationally-known basketball player Ben Allison released his new book Reaching the Rim: How British basketball players can earn college scholarships in the United States.


Allison is one of only a small group of elite British players who decided to seek better competition and live-out their basketball dreams by taking their talent to the American basketball leagues. In his book, Allison outlines the steps that need to be taken to land a college basketball scholarship in the United States, as well as sharing stories of his own circuitous path.


Amazon reviewers have already commended the book as “an inspiring account of a young man’s journey” that will “change the lives of any number of U.K. amateur hoops players by giving them a step-by-step guide for achieving a four-year scholarship to a university in the U.S.” Reaching the Rim is a must-read for any young and aspiring basketball players.

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About the Author


Ben Allison is a former NCAA Division I and Great Britain basketball player who spends most of his time in North Carolina, USA. His mother, Claire James, is a community nurse, brother Joshua is a London-based doctor, sister Rosalie is an international netball player, and brother Elliott is a scholarship volleyball player at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Ben and all three of his siblings have represented England and/or Great Britain in one sport or another.




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