2nd August, 2014 (USA)


Unique new Android shooter 'Retaliate' now available on Google Play


You are a valiant space hero who has run out of ammo! Steal it from your enemies and Retaliate!





























Retaliate is a new take on the classic space shooter. You are a valiant space hero who is not as fortunate as his Galaga counterpart. He has run out of ammo and has no choice but to buy a "Particle Consuming Shield Generator" and use his enemies' attacks against them, Kirby style!


Retaliate features everything you would expect from a retro style scrolling shooter. But the twist where you start with no ammo makes the experience completely different. The continuous dodging, blocking and firing makes for an intense and challenging game that keeps players

coming back for more.


Along with all of this Retaliate is constantly being updated with new features and achievements. The game can be downloaded for free with ads or for a small charge the game with no ads.


The latest update alone added a brand new interactive tutorial and an all time stats menu.


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