New Edition of Safe Money Millionaire Now Released for 2014


21st January 2014, (USA)


Safe Money Millionaire reviews the importance of protecting your wealth from the four enemies of wealth, Market Loss, Taxes, Inflation and Interest.


The first edition of Safe Money Millionaire was released several years ago and was an instant Inc. Magazine best seller as people are more and more concerned about safe money investing.  It came in response to the massive crash of 2008 where people lost billions of dollars in their 401ks, mutual funds, and stocks.


“I wrote the book because of my experience losing over 35% in my IRA in the crash years ago. After that I said enough and I discovered a way to safely grow my money potential double digits with zero risk when the market crashes again. In addition, we can grow our money tax deferred, and access it tax free, I wanted more people to know about this incredible tool that I was blessed to discover.”


After 2 more years of the market recovery, Brett Kitchen and Kap released a new version where Safe Money Millionaire reviews the Framework that is required to get on the path to becoming a Safe Money Millionaire.


Brett Kitchens complaint is that Wall Street is just a casino where people are bound to lose their money. That is why he and Ethan Kap review and release their new edition of Safe Money Millionaire to help people learn how to protect themselves and their wealth.





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