13th January, 2015


Brisbane, Australia


Wall Street Guru  “2015 Could Be A Killer Year For Stock Market”




Chip Smith, A Leading financial Market Analyst from says factors like cheaper oil, low interest rates and inflation could drive markets up by 10 percent this year. It certainly hasnt started that way, but things do have a way of working out like they did last year when the market took a dive in January only to be followed by months of rallying. All it will take is some good news, which right now is lower oil, higher company earnings, and lower inflation.


With Interest rates being suppressed chip said 2015 could be “A Killer year from equities and the stock market” its the perfect excuse for investors and institutes to gravitate towards stocks with good yeilds with good annual profits. This is exactly what happened in 2014 and could repeat again this year


The S&P 500 is currently trading at 2014 or 3.5% down from the highs of last year. The question on the lips of many investors right now is this just a dip before higher prices, or is this the start of a crash or something even more sinister. What the average investor is not thinking about is that since 2009 the stock market has nearly tripled. Not only did it recover from the 2008 devastating financial GFC crash, but its has gone even higher, and then some. This is a move not seen since 1920’s right before a major market meltdown wiped off about 80% of its value in just a few days.


Chip today told his members “There are no guarantees, but we have lots of data to go off, and some very interesting patterns are starting to rear their heads, both technically and fundamentally” Basically hinting that these patterns only occur before major movements on the market.


Chip has done well over the years and uses a contrarian approach to trading the stock market and reached out to his investors today to explain what is going on. He accurately predicted the 2008 stock market crash 3 months before it happened. Last week he gave some of his knowlege and longer term projections and predictions at his blog, where he gave his 3 secrets to trading a bull market, that we seem to be in right now. He also hinted at why investors should be careful in 2015. There is much talk about the Federal Reserve and their ability to start raising interest rates in 2015. But at this stage, they keep bluffing, Janet Yellen has not done anything, or even hinted that this will be a mandatory move. “Right now it is nothing more than chinese whispers”. Chip said.



The S&P 500 finally pierced 2040 on Monday, a level Chip has been talking about for months. Many laughed at his prediction, but now after hitting 2040 today most people are stunned and amazed. Chip said today “As long as the central banks remain accommodative we think that will not really put much pressure on the market!”  You can see his latest predictions here


We will get some important macro data points this week: durable goods, the second revision to second-quarter GDP, capital goods, Case Shiller and the Richmond Fed Survey. But remember, volumes are low, so moves can be exaggerated — the real tone and sense of the latest move will be re-visited in early September.


Most people are not in tune with the market right now, and most think that a crash is due, because the market has gone up too high in the last few years. Chip was quoted as saying “Bull markets do not just decide to stop one day, or in a week, and then crash to ground zero. The current bull market is no different and there is a ways to go yet, in my opinion”


Chips studies and recommendations are said to be the best around, as he has a select criteria and a secret strategy. This gives him the a leading edge and ability to predict market movements before they happen, and his track record he seems to be a man who knows what he is talking about, as he has gained much media attention and also been sort after by many wall street traders, highly elite investors and fortune 500 companies for his services in the last several years.


Chip has a fantastic track record and normally charges $7000 USD fees for his training, however he has opened his private VIP trading network for the next 7 days, FREE OF CHARGE  where Chip shows investors what the big guys on wall street are looking at and why they are always profitable.



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Chip Smith is a full time trader, well renowned for his accuracy in calling stock market movements before they happen. He trains amateur investors and fortune 500 companies in see where the big opportunities lie with individual stocks, S&P 500, commodities, crude and other vehicles on the market. For more Please visit -



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