23rd November, 2014




SharkReach Launches with SharkRank Instagram Marketing Platform Featuring Celebrities Such as Kim Kardashian…Taking the Bite out of Social Marketing


SharkReach ( -- an Instagram marketing firm featuring both A list celebrities and influencers powered by proprietary technology SharkRank™-- launches today.


SharkReach serves as a turnkey next generation platform partner for brands seeking highly advanced Instagram influencer marketing while at the same time serving as the premier monetization partner for Instagram influencers.


Native marketing services are offered either photo or video media and are exclusively targeted to Instagram at this time. Options include: influencer driven branded discussions, contests, product placement & custom campaign solutions. SharkRank™ is the backbone of the platform, with its ability to track every Instagram account and rank it based on specific (confidential)metrics, which then ranks the account within a specific category. This allows for hyper content targeting.


"Our industry leading proprietary algorithm, SharkRank™, provides analysis and ranks both influencer and follower accounts into content categories in order to understand the type of content which are heavily engaged with, thus allowing for next generation social media targeting capabilities." said Steve A Smith Jr., CEO of SharkReach.


Smith added: "As the name infers our team at SharkReach intend to take the bite out of social media marketing strategy and execution. We’ve taken a highly complex problem and created a solution that is a win-win for marketers and creators. Instagram is the hottest social media platform in the world and SharkRank allows brands to target in a native way they never could before."


SharkReach provides their services through a mobile application that allows ‘creators’ to submit native user-generated content for brand campaigns. The SharkReach platform is connected to the application, allowing for review and approval of all media to ensure 100% brand-safe content.


Transparency is key at SharkReach, which provides marketers with a dashboard displaying impression levels and various engagement metrics. The SharkReach team, to ensure success, handles all optimization. The firm guarantees total impression delivery for each campaign.


Footwear & Electronics manufacturers have been early adopters are already partnering with SharkReach, utilizing SharkRank™ advanced targeting for new product launches. With the broad audience on Instagram all marketing segments are expected to be active including Entertainment, Spirits & Packaged Goods showing high levels of interest.


About SharkReach

SharkReach is a privately-held company based in Los Angeles, California, founded in 2013 by Steve A. Smith Jr. (CEO) & Marc Brocoum (CTO). SharkReach utilizes proprietary SharkRank™ technology, which enables brands to leverage Instagram influencers including A list celebrities to engage hundreds of millions of social media users worldwide.



Steve A. Smith Jr.


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