26th March, 2014 (USA)


Skycheckin: Socializing Just Took Off


A new app will change the way millions of people travel by air.  


It is no news that airports are not among the most interesting places to hang out. Stress and annoyance are usually the feelings people combine with that word. However, according to the creators of the new app Charly Wa & David Abitbol that is about to change. “Airports actually offers great opportunities for either business or pleasure”




























Skycheckin is changing the way people fly.  The app allows users to choose their flight based on how many Skycheckers are on it, and they can increase their chances to connect with like-minded, adventurous individuals.  Too much time is wasted at airports in silence.  Skycheckin gives people an opportunity to reach out to others, and it allows them to be social.  It is ideal for business networking, making new friends, or even finding a date.


In addition to serving individuals, Skycheckin can entertain large groups who are traveling for big events such as fashion weeks, concerts, or sporting events.  Before reaching the destination, people who are traveling to events can meet other attendees.  Additionally, the app can entertain young people who are traveling and want to meet people for fun.


The easy-to-use app uses a GPS model, in order to give travelers a way to meet each other. It is available on almost every commercial airline around the word.  Users can meet before actually arriving at a destination, which is ideal for business relationships, or to share travel tips and personal preferences.  It is simple to use, since to sign up, users can just press one button to use it along with Facebook.  Users can then browse their flight and locate other Skycheckers.  The service is free to use.


According to Skycheckin, “we want to change atmosphere in planes and airports, and make it a less cold environment.  Our idea of the world with Skycheckin is that you shake a couple hands when you get into a plane.”




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