SpecificFeeds Application Debuts to Resolve RSS Information Overload



19th November 2013, (Zurich, Switzerland)


Online application lets publishers syndicate RSS feeds via SpecificFeeds to let subscribers further filter feeds by preferred tags, keywords or authors so readers receive only the content they desire.


SpecificFeeds™ today came out of beta mode to resolve a large user frustration with RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds, primarily that an RSS feed generator often causes an information overload for subscribers. Now, a publisher’s RSS feed can finally provide only content that a subscriber desires. And, publishers can attract more subscribers that previously wouldn’t subscribe to a feed because of information overload. SpecificFeeds is an online syndication platform. Publishers of RSS feeds can host their feed on the platform for free. SpecificFeeds subscribers can then tailor the feed to receive only select content they want instead of the whole feed. User customizations include receiving content based on tags, keywords or from selected authors. The SpecificFeeds application and RSS reader is available at


There are claims that RSS is not prevalent anymore because people instead turn to social media. But, according to BuiltWith’s 2013 research, more than 39 percent of all websites still use RSS as a feed technology. And, according to research by Netcraft, there are nearly 800 million active websites today. So, RSS remains a very prevalently used technology. The problem with RSS is it often delivers too much information – extra content that is undesirable to potential subscribers. So, readers don’t subscribe to avoid the overload. Or, they only gloss over the content and often miss key content they would have been interested in. SpecificFeeds seeks to resolve these problems by making feeds more specific to what a reader desires to read. This benefits RSS feed publishers too. It can result in more subscriptions because they can deliver only meaningful content readers actually want to consume. And, the service is free for publishers and users.


Any news website publisher or blogger with an RSS feed can sign up for an account at The user creates a login ID and password to manage their SpecificFeeds account and profile. Then, they simply enter the URL for their current feed. SpecificFeeds then creates the new feed and link. Users are also provided a SpecificFeeds icon to download and use on their website for linking to the feed. The icon can be placed amongst other subscription icon options, such as Twitter®, Facebook®, etc. A reader that wants to subscribe to a feed simply clicks the icon. They enter their email address and select to receive the feed in a “personal newspaper” (for example, once per day at a set time) or as a single email message (a new message for every new article). With a SpecificFeeds account, users can manage and tailor their feeds by specific tags, keywords or authors they prefer. Subscribers can always modify their settings at The SpecificFeeds feed is hosted for publishers on The platform and RSS reader is ideal for use on a PC or Mac® and on popular browsers, whether IE®, Chrome®, Firefox®, etc.




About SpecificFeeds


SpecificFeeds™ was founded in 2013 to solve the information overload problem that plagues RSS feed generator technology, which as a consequence detracts potential subscribers from using a publisher’s or blogger’s RSS feeds. SpecificFeeds is a free service that allows subscribers to customize an RSS feed reader to receive only specific content from the feed that they desire. Customizations include specific tags, keywords or authors. The online syndication application lets publishers – from bloggers to large news websites – syndicate their RSS feeds to be hosted on SpecificFeeds. Once achieved, they can place a feed web link on their website for readers to subscribe to. Content providers realize more RSS reader subscribers by letting them further tailor feeds to receive only the content they want. Readers benefit by finally using feed technology to provide only highly relevant content instead of experiencing an information overload. SpecificFeeds can be used on a PC or Mac® and on popular browsers, such as IE®, Chrome®, Firefox®, etc. SpecificFeeds is a privately-held company based in Zurich, Switzerland. More information is available at





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