29th April, 2015


Seattle, Washington, USA


Suburban Vermin To Release New Album, ‘Headless Over Heels


The long-running independent Seattle-based punk rock band, Suburban Vermin, is planning to release their new full-length album, ‘Headless Over Heels.’ The album’s debut is significantly noteworthy because in addition to the fantastic new tunes, the band will be releasing a new music video and a companion comic book.
























When you think of Seattle, its eclectic music scene is an immediate association. The birthplace of grunge music is still home to a vibrant alternative rock scene. Bands likes Suburban Vermin keep that fire burning with great new songs and frantic live shows. The power-trio consists of Amanda Gamino, Jason Vermin, and Greg Gibson. (Vocals/guitar, vocals/bass, drums, respectively.)


The band has been described as one that embodies a truly authentic punk rock sound. Critics have compared their music and live experience to that of the Ramones and the Clash - two of the most defining bands of the genre. Both of those bands reached their heights of success during the prime of punk music, a sound that was somewhat lost as punk endeavored on through the years and divided into different subgenres and niche followings. Punk fans can unite under Suburban Vermin for this very reason: they resemble the classic punk sound that everyone knows and loves.


The band’s catchy pop-punk songs and dramatic lyrics harken back to the heyday of the best punk music. Pseudo-childish lyrics and profanity accent their ‘wham, bam, thank you, ma’am’ style with a certain elegance. (As elegant as you’d want a punk band to be, mind you.)


‘Headless Over Heels’ consists of twelve tracks, eleven of which are original. The twelfth is a cover of ‘What’s Up,’ a song originally by 4 Non Blondes. It’s set for release this summer as it aims to be one of the most satisfying punk rock experiences of the season. The record was recorded at Pacific Recording Studios in Tacoma, Washington, and will receive a massive digital release to all major platforms. (iTunes, Amazon, and so on.) It’ll also be available as a physical CD.


The release of the companion comic will be both physical and digital. The digital release will be available in an array of formats, thus allowing for easy viewing on e-readers and tablets. Each song on ‘Headless Over Heels’ has been interpreted by a different artist. These artists range from the band’s hometown all the way to the Philippines.


The album release will also be celebrated with a professional music video shot in Southern California, directed by Eddie DaRoza. The video stars Scott Russo, the lead singer of the band Unwritten Law.


For more information on the release of the record and all information pertinent to Suburban Vermin, check out their website, which is listed below.









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